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Relive the Legend
Photo Gallery

Dave Gagner patented that look of reckless abandon.

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Like a crazed animal, Dave Gagner employed a lethal combination of blinding speed and unbridled, almost primal tenacity. These were the trademarks of a 15-year NHL career.


A LEGEND OF GAGNER exclusive! Soon to be posted in this gallery is the scanned, full-color reproduction of a rare Upper Deck "Be A Player" card printed in 1995 -- personally autographed by Dave Gagner.

Licensed by the NHLPA, this limited edition treasure was recently purchased by THE LEGEND OF GAGNER from a Canadian collector for an undisclosed sum.

The artist at work - Dave Gagner stickhandles
through traffic, circa 1994.


Another photo from 1994. Is Dave looking to
shoot, pass, or commit an act of unspeakable
violence? The look in his eyes says --
all of the above!

All images taken from the Web, unless otherwise labled.

Bruce is king of hockey photographers