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Relive the Legend
The Great Injustices

The humanity!

Even heroes have enemies. Here's a look at the most egregious insults directed toward Dave Gagner.

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1. The Stars fail to retire Dave Gagner's No. 15 and instead give it to Jamie Langenbrunner, destined to be a career third-line player.

2. Celebrating the team's seventy-fifth anniversary, the New York Rangers invite scores of retired players to Madison Square Garden in October 2000 to participate in the festivities. Gagner is snubbed.

3. Stars goalie Ed Belfour abandons his team after an argument with coach Ken Hitchcock in 2001. Not a single reporter asks Dave Gagner what he thinks of the situation.

4. During the lockout-shortened 1994-95 season, Wayne Gretzky assembles a team of traveling NHL stars that tours Europe. Gagner is snubbed.

5. Card collectors are outraged! A Dave Gagner rookie card is not printed until 1987-88, his first season with Minnesota.

6. Cosby's Sporting Goods, the official equpiment supplier of the New York Rangers, holds a sale on old jersey nameplates in their Manhattan store. Despite public demand, a Gagner nameplate is unavailable.

7. Though 2001 marks the tenth anniversary of Dave Gagner's lone All-Star Game appearance, he is not invited to drop the ceremonial first puck at February's All-Star Game in Colorado.

8. In November, 1998, Gagner is scratched from the lineup in a game against Buffalo by former Panthers head coach Terry Murray. Murray, who also demoted Dave to the fourth line, had previously complained about Gagner's declining goal production. "He didn't live up to the expectations," whined Murray. "That's all there is to it."

MORE TO COME! (Thanks to Hockeyology's Russ Cohen for #5 and #6)

INJUSTICE (noun): The absence of justice; inequity; unfairness (see also CRIME). An act or instance of villainy, malpractice, or wrongdoing.

Know of a great injustice committed against Dave Gagner? Pass it along, and we will post it on the site.